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So more Black Friday info for you!


Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is traditionally known as the single best day to get the greatest in-store deals resulting in hectic, early morning, mad rushes to large name brand stores.  In 2010, over 212 million shoppers bought holiday gifts and other items the weekend of Black Friday spending on average $365.34.  However, some of those same retailers are looking to capitalize on the Black Friday fervor even longer online.  Many retailers now offer the same, similar, or even better deals as those in their Black Friday ads through their online stores before Black Friday and extend those offers through Cyber Monday, the first Monday following Thanksgiving.

To help consumers find the best deals either online or in-store, consumers need to be aware of new retail trends associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday while also leaning on new technological tools:

  1. Free Shipping – Often times when buying online, consumers are dismayed by bloated shipping charges.  Retailers are noticing and many online stores now offer free shipping or free ship-to-store options. Free shipping isn’t always advertised on store web sites, so checking sites or Coupon Sherpa helps consumers learn about free shipping codes that may otherwise be unknown.   
  2. Mobile Apps – A variety of retailers and coupon web sites offer free mobile apps making it easier to compare prices and find special offers. Downloading applications like’s Black Friday iPhone and iPad app helps shoppers track new ads and special offers from their favorite stores.  The Barcode Reader app by SHAPE Services helps consumers find the lowest possible prices in local and online stores simply by snapping a photo of any printed barcode.
  3. Start Earlier/Last Longer – Along with the trend toward midnight store openings, online Black Friday offers are getting an early debut as well. Many specials and sales are available online onThanksgiving Day or earlier, running throughout the weekend and Cyber Monday. Shoppers who know which items they want can avoid long lines and dangerous crowds simply by shopping online first.
  4. Social Networks – Retailers and deal aggregators alike are promoting their Black Friday ads and offers through social network sites like Facebook. To take advantage of these “inside” deals, shoppers should visit the Facebook pages of their favorite retail stores like JC Penney or Target as well as sites like DealNews and to learn more about upcoming sales on popular items.

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year are just as likely to go to the shoppers who have a smart online shopping strategy as those who stand in line the longest or get up the earliest. The key to hassle-free shopping is putting together the right combination of online and mobile tools, researching deals and coupons through trusted sites, and timing purchases to save the most money.