Free Game for iOS: Aiko Island First Steps

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Free game for you, enjoy!



Following the successful launch of Aiko Island, IceFlame studios today released a free version of their colorful and lovable physics based puzzler, titled Aiko Island First Steps. In Aiko Island First Steps, players use their wits and skill to pop blocks, destroy the evil Red Aiko, and return the cookies to the friendly Blue Aiko. Players travel through the colorful world of Aiko Island while helping the happy Blue Aiko. Aiko Island First Stepsis launching exclusively on iOS devices on November 17th and will be free to download.

Aiko Island First Steps features simple yet addictively challenging physics-based puzzles spread over the exotic Aiko Island. Enjoy the original musical score and animated cut scenes while you bring down the troublesome Red Aiko using ropes, cannons, explosions, and much more. Unlock new areas by collecting cookies on your way and choose your own path through Aiko Island. Test your logic, skill and daring as you aim to defeat the Red Aiko as fast and efficiently as possible.

Highlights of Aiko Island First Steps include:

• 20 intuitive physics-based puzzles, each with a unique challenge!
• Easy to play, with simple one-touch controls.
• Fun gameplay with hugely addictive replay value.
• Amazing graphics and animations with huge personality.
• Musical score written by the Award winning composer Sean Beeson.
• Full Game Center/Openfeint integration; compete with friends.
• Color Blind/High Contrast Mode
• Speed run leader boards.
• Many more levels to come!

Aiko Island First Steps is popping onto iOS devices today and is available now free on the iTunes App Store, you can download the iPad Version here and the iPhone version here.