Jolly Blast Productions Teams with NFL Superstar Tony Gonzalez

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Umm I’ve never heard of Tony Gonzalez, but then again I stopped watching football years ago when I was working on Sundays..


Jolly Blast Productions, LLC – an integrated media and entertainment company that advocates movement, youth sports and healthy activities for young children – announced today a series of athletic adventure apps and eBooks that will launch on the App Store this winter.

The adventure series will feature an animated version of Tony Gonzalez, five-time NFL All-Pro tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons,who as “Coach Tony” will encourage children to get active and spark a lifelong love for games and movement.

“The benefits for kids who are educated and inspired to be active go far beyond the courts and playing fields,” said Gonzalez, who is the second leading receiver in NFL history and has several times been named one of the Top 25 Fittest Men in America by Men’s Fitnessmagazine.  “Whether it’s an organized sport, a school playground activity or a made-up backyard game, kids who learn to develop discipline, teamwork and self-confidence, as well as physical health and fitness, are enriched for a lifetime.  A body in motion is always going to be healthier and happier – and that’s the message JOLLY BLAST is excited to share.”

Gonzalez, who starred in high school in football, basketball and volleyball in Southern California, knows firsthand the positive influence sports can have on children growing up. He parlayed his athletic ability into a football scholarship at the University of California Berkeley, where he also played on the school’s basketball team.  Drafted in 1997, Gonzalez is now in his 15th season of a Hall of Fame NFL career.

“Having Tony as an active part of our creative design team, as well as integrated directly into our stories, brings authenticity and star power to our series,” said Jeffery Eagle, Chairman and CEO of Jolly Blast Productions. “Tony has long been a proud supporter of youth sports, health nutrition and anti-childhood obesity initiatives, and together we are pursuing the dual mission of entertaining children while opening their lives to the countless benefits that come from being active.”

Jolly Blast Productions was founded by a group of dads, including Michael Diminick, M.D. and Kevin Bonner, M.D., who are former Division I collegiate athletes and current orthopedic surgeons. Together with Eagle, asuccessful writer/director and youth sports coach, the trio developed the animated world of siblings, Jolly and Holly Blast, whose fun-filled imaginative adventures introduce children to positive and healthy life choices through world of sports, games and physical activity.

The group also runs the Jolly Blast Sports Academy, a series of Los Angeles-based sports camps that help further the company’s mission of bringing the imagination and adventure found in the Jolly Blast content to real kids on real ball fields.

Jolly Blast Productions has partnered with PadWorx Digital Media to develop and publish the new series of Apps and eBooks for parents, coaches and children. PadWorx Digital Media is an award-winning developer and publisher of interactive eBooks and Apps and is the only App developer building content from the ground up on their own proprietary game engine for the Apple®iPad® and iPhone®, using this unique technology for eBooks, including Dracula, Alice, Pride and Prejudice andThe Day the Music Stopped.

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