POSRUS Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for Le Pan TC 970 Review

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Today for review I’ve got a must-have accessory if you own the Le Pan TC970 Android tablet, it’s a screen protector but much more. The Le Pan is a great tablet, but the screen is very glossy so that it reflects light and really attracts fingerprints. I’m the type of person who must have a screen protector on all of my gadgets, just because I feel safer that way and it’s better to be safe than sorry. The product I have for review today I got from Amazon inexpensively, and it’s aptly named the Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for Le Pan TC 970, it’s from a company called POSRUS. So read on…


Product Name: POSRUS Antiglare Antifingerprint Screen Protector for Le Pan TC 970

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: PosR.us

Price: $7.90 (from Amazon at time of review)

POSRUS touch screen display protectors are custom fit for the Le Pan TC 970 Tablet. Extend the lifetime of your expensive tablet and keep it looking like new with one of these shields! The kit includes Le Pan TC 970 screen protector, microfiber cloth, and applicator. These protectors are manufactured and sold exclusively by POSRUS. If you don’t buy it from POSRUS, you’re getting something else!

Technical Details:
-Protects LCD display against scratches, abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screen.
-Eliminates fingerprints on the screen.
-Reduces glare from overhead lighting and provides a pleasing touch surface.
-Installs easily in seconds.
-Low-tack adhesive removes easily without leaving residue. Does not require solution, liquid, or “wet application.”

The Review::

There’s no special packaging for the screen protector. It arrived in a stiff cardboard envelope, and that’s about it.  Here’s my Le Pan and the envelope:



Inside the envelope you’ll find instructions, a squeegee, cleaning cloth and the screen protector itself.



With any screen protector you need to be careful when applying it. You need to make sure the surface is clean of fingerprints and any dust or lint.  I did my best but ended up with a few pieces of lint under the protector sadly. Luckily they were on the border and not the screen so it’s not a big deal to me, and they’re very small. The protector can be removed and replaced if you mess up, which is nice. The protector is cutout for the camera as you might expect.

lepanscreen3 lepanscreen4


The best part about this protector is that it’s antiglare. If you own the Le Pan TC970, then you know exactly what I mean. The second best thing is the antifingerprint feature of it.


 lepanscreen6 lepanscreen7

 lepanscreen8 lepanscreen9


The screen protector also makes it easier to use your Le Pan. The glass of the Le Pan is nice but it collects fingerprints and your fingers sort of stick to it like you might expect with glass. The Posrus screen protector alleviates this problem and makes using the TC 970 much easier and more comfortable.

This screen protector alleviates the glare of the Le Pan screen which is pretty bad. I take it with me to my kids karate class and the overhead lights annoy me, but now they don’t anymore. The Posrus protector reduces glare by 90-95% easily, it makes it much easier to see the screen in direct light.

If you own the Le Pan TC 970, then you need this accessory. I can highly recommend it especially at such a low price.



10-10-award reco-award


+Reduces glare by 90-95%
+Simple to install
+Quality made product
+Antifingerprint and antiglare
-Must be very careful when applying


10 out of 10

Overall: score-10-10
Aesthetic: score-10-10
Value / Price: score-10-10
Build Quality: score-10-10
Usability: score-10-10

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