Mobile Fun Weekly Round Up

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Yep, it’s Friday and that means news from Mobile Fun!



Lots of news this week for you.  From Mobile Fun I’ve got a couple of new handset releases, HDMI docks for the S2, HTC EVO 3D and HTC Sensation, a very smart iPhone 4S battery and the arrival of the Angry Birds speakers.  Plus over at GamingZap they’ve released a universal gaming charger and a Super Mario figure 3DS stand.

Straight to the handsets – this week Will put together a list of all the upcoming handset releases in November.  There’s some pretty immense handsets featured on it and two have come in stock which we’re particularly excited about: the Samsung Galaxy Note sim free and the HTC Sensation XL sim free.

The Sim Free Samsung Galaxy Noteis one almighty handset, with it’s 5.3″ Super AMOLED screen, 8MP camera and 1.4GHz dual core processor.  Surprisingly it’s really slim and lightweight too, only weighing 178g and has a handy built-in stylus to help you navigate the handset quicker.  The Note’s been claimed to fill the gap between smartphones and tablets, because of it’s size, style and speed. The great news is the Galaxy Note is in stock now costing £589.95.




The second handset which is exciting us is the Sim Free HTC Sensation XL.  This is one of the new HTC handsets complete with Beats by Dre Audio software and headphones, but it’s not just all about the music. The Sensation XL has a massive 1.5GHz processor and 4.7″ screen to keep it running super fast and show all images and visuals in bright, vivid colours.  The handset also has an 8MP camera with instant capture, so you never have an excuse to miss a moment.  Again we’ve got this handset in stock now and it costs £499.95.


Next up we’ve received stock of HMDI out cradles for the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC EVO 3D and HTC Sensation.  These docks allow you to sync and charge your handset, but also have the ability to stream your images and videos straight to your TV!  This means you can show off your photography skills on the big screen all in the knowledge that you’re not using up any of your battery, as your phone’s charging at the same time.  The docks are al in stock now and cost £24.95 – a bargain for such a multi-functional accessory.




The iPhone 4S is said to have a better battery life than the iPhone 4, but when we constantly use our handsets for work and social our battery still gets drained.  Third Rail have released a case and smart batteryespecially for the iPhone 4S which can give your handset that extra bit of a boost when you need it. To use it, you simply put your 4S in the slim case and pop the 1250mAh smart battery in your pocket or bag, so when you see your phone is running out of power you can attach the battery, giving you hours more time for work or play.  This is a really clever battery for a really great price – it’s only £29.99.


And finally the Angry Birds Speakers have arrived in stock!  I’ve been excited about these speakers for ages as a massive Angry Birds fan and I can tell you they do not disappoint. There are three speaker styles to choose from – all which have differences: there’s the Red Bird speaker which is compatible with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack; the Black Bird speaker which is for Apple devices and charges your device whilst you use it and the Helmet Pig speakerwhich is for iPhones and iPods and once again charges your device whilst it’s docked.  All the speakers are in the shape of the Angry Birds character and provide a really high sound quality.  Prices for these start at £49.99.




Over at Gaming Zap, they’ve sourced the Level Up Revolution 2 Universal Charger, which will charge at the same time any combination of Xbox controllers, Wii Controllers or a PS3 Controller. The sleek black device is subtle and stylish, and neatly sits your controllers in place. The Revolution 2 comes with 2 battery packs for your to use, a LED light indicator and stops your room being cluttered up with wires whilst you’re charging all your controllers up.  This is a pretty unique product and it is available to pre-order now at just £29.95.



Last up – Super Mario fans get excited!  Gaming Zap have released the Nintendo Super Mario 3DS Stand, a stand in the shape of the gaming hero which holds your 3DS when you’re not using it.  Mario protects and holds your 3DS in his hands, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it or loosing it when its not in use.  The stand also lets you slide your 3DS in or out of the holder without fear of scratching it.  It’s a great accessory for any Mario fan and you know your 3DS is in safe hands with this gaming hero.