XSEED Games Announces Corpse Party to Release on PlayStation Network November 22

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I think I want this game…


XSEED Games is pleased to announce that the adventure horror title for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, Corpse Party, will be bringing its particular brand of undead terror exclusively to the PlayStation Network on November 22nd, at a bare-bones price of $19.99. XSEED Games has also unearthed a new Corpse Party web site which can be accessed at www.corpsepartypsp.com.

Originally developed in Japan by Team GrisGris and later adapted for the PSP system by 5pb, Corpse Party tells the tale of a group of high school students who become trapped in an old elementary school where a series of brutal murders took place several decades prior. Upon entering the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary, players will be forced to endure the psychological trauma brought on by the tortured souls who roam the school’s halls. As players advance through Corpse Party, they must advance to the one true ending of each chapter, all the while avoiding the game’s many “wrong ends” – which, as one might imagine, are not particularly delightful. Only by executing the correct sequence of actions can players clear each chapter and move on to the next.

Corpse Party is presented with a retro-styled 2D presentation and brought to life through gruesome and horribly detailed hand-drawn art. In addition to its unique visuals, Corpse Party also features 3D audio that brings the terror of the game’s environment directly into players’ ears.

Only one path leads to survival, but there are many pitfalls that lie in wait. In Corpse Party, safety is never to be taken for granted.

For more information on Corpse Party, check out the game’s all-new website at www.corpsepartypsp.com