Free eBook: Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’

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The Art of War‘ by Sun Tzuis a classic literary piece that focuses on the strategies used in competition. Contrary to its name, ‘The Art of War’ does not have to be taken as a how-to guide for wartime battles. The concepts found within this book can be applied to any situation in which one is battling for a higher rank or position.

Focusing on Tzu’s tips, techniques and tactics for successful victories, SmarterComics has released a comic-book version of ‘The Art of War’. This new and modern adaptation of the classic highlights the tactics employed by Tzu, and applies them to present day situations.

By learning and following the concepts found in ‘The Art of War’, readers can apply the strategies to many modern day situations, such as: developing successful business practices, expanding political agendas, improving sports game plans and everyday life circumstances.

“Our comic books are not just an illustrated edition of the original book. SmarterComics are about the main message of a book. We combine key elements from the original text with illustrations for a wholly new, shorter and visually interesting way of telling a story. This has allowed us to draw in new generations of readers,” said Jenny Kunz, CTO of SmarterComics (

After reading ‘The Art of War’ by SmarterComics, readers will:

  •     Learn the stratagem behind successful victories
  •     Recognize their opponents vulnerabilities
  •     Understand why all warfare is based on deception
  •     Identify circumstances when the goal may not be to win a battle, but to avoid one when possible

It is these fundamental principles that have made this 2,500 year-old book one of the best selling business booksof all time.

iPhone readers can instantly download ‘The Art of War’ from SmarterComics for free.

Fans can download this eBook and many more at: