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Link: http://www.diy-guides.com/review-of-14-sharp-ccd-380-line-color-cctv-mini-surveillance-camera/

Quote: “The world we live in has gotten pretty bad. It’s to the point that we have security everywhere in the form of alarms and cameras. Is it a good thing? I’m not sure, but I feel safer with the alarm on my house and the cameras I have set up outside. Alarms are the most common, but security cameras on home are becoming a lot more common. You can buy pre-made surveillance kits or if you’re a DIYer  like you can build you own. One of the great places for inexpensive security equipment is Geeks.com, and they’ve provided the 1/4″ Sharp CCD 380 Line Color CCTV Mini Surveillance Camera that I have today for review. The camera is a pinhole style which can be hid most most place and has plenty of uses like checking up on your babysitter while you’re not at home. So read on for a quick review of a decent little camera.”