Would the iPhone 4S Have Been So Successful if Steve Jobs Hadn’t Died?

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If you look around the internet right now, people are tip-toeing around the death of Steve Jobs, and trying not to write anything ‘bad’ about him. Yes he was a great innovator, but he wasn’t all that. That’s just my opinion though, I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with that. There’s a question that’s been bugging me and I don’t see it being asked, Would the iPhone 4S Have Been So Successful if Steve Jobs Hadn’t Died?

I write for a few sites, one of the them is Mobility Digest and I’m in a discussion over there titled Well Played, Apple and it’s about how the iPhone 4S sold over 1 million on the first 24 hours. The feeling it seems is that the iPhone 4S still would have been a success if Steve hadn’t died, and that it still would have broke the record it did. I don’t agree with that at all, I believe that it did so well because Steve Jobs died when he did.

If you go back and look at the reactions on social networking sites, blogs, and just on the internet in general you’ll see that the reaction to the iPhone 4S was not a good one at all. People were not happy, hell even Apple stock fell with the iPhone 4S announcement. If you would have went by the feelings on that day, you would have never predicted that the iPhone 4S would have sold so well on the first day. Sure I could cite quotes etc, but you can Google it yourself I’m sure.  My prediction would have been sales comparable to, or most likely even less that those of the iPhone4. The phone honestly isn’t much more than and incremental update over the iPhone 4, it’s not groundbreaking in terms of specs that’s for sure.

The iPhone 4S is selling so well because Steve Jobs died when he did, there’s no doubt about it. Apple fanboys and everyone else changed their tune or opinion of the iPhone 4S because Steve Jobs died. I can guarantee they decided to get it because they saw it as the last hurrah for Steve, or the last iPhone from Steve. People just had to have it, it’s more of a collectible than anything at this point because of Steve Jobs. All those people that complained and moaned and groaned did a 180 and went and ordered the iPhone 4S because of his death.  Plain and simple.

There’s no doubt about it in my opinion, the death of Steve Jobs helped make the iPhone 4S the best selling iPhone so far.

That’s just my opinion though…..

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