Pig Curling Sweeps into the App Store

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ummm.. ok…


CEMG Apps today announced the launch of Pig Curling, the new iOS game that flings pigs down the ice in a fun twist on traditional curling games.


Players use their fingers to slide swines across the floor to hit the target and gain points. There are obstacles along the way, turning each level into a puzzle as players work around pins, boards, rails, and holes to get their pigs onto the target.


Pig Curling offers a variety of gameplay:

• 40 levels, with 4 different surfaces and frictions across which to flick pigs.
• Obstacles to avoid, including wooden boards, elastic bands, holes in the floor, pins, and steel rails.
• 7 types of pigs, including regular, fast, slow, plus pigs with special porcine powers.
• Game Center enabled, and Facebook and Twitter integration.
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
• Free version with 18 levels or full version for $0.99.


Download the full version here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pig-curling/id436043971?ls=1&mt=8


See the trailer for Pig Curling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL3_gpNIpDE