Troll Blaster Comes to iOS

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Game, games, games and more games….


Montreal based mobile software firm eMobiSoft Inc. announced today the launch of their physics strategy / puzzle game Troll Blaster for Apple iOS devices. The game enters the popular projectile destruction genre of gameplay in which the player fires a strategically selected weapon onto a structure containing evil trolls. Players progress by killing all trolls.

“We are proud to officially launch Troll Blaster to our Apple iOS audience. This game brings a brand new element of strategy to the projectile destruction genre of games. We worked hard to bring players a new type of challenge that they haven’t encountered before while also aiming to make a fun, strategic puzzle game.” said owner Lucky Gupta.

In Troll Blaster, each level presents a new challenge for the player. The trolls are in structures to the right of the screen that are built of wood, stone, glass and metal. With an arsenal of four weapons, a cross bow, cannon, fire cannon and grenade launcher, the player must strategically select which weapon to use and in what order. Each weapon carries a different strength and has a different effect on the structures. The player must decide strategically which weapon is most appropriate to fire at different points on the structures to destroy the most trolls. Additionally, there is also an element of aim required as there are trolls that could only be killed by direct hits but require skill in aiming.

When asked what separated their game from other games such as Angry Birds or Crush the Castle, Gupta replied “Players not only have to be strategic, but have to have good aim and be able to solve physics puzzles. Also, players have to get a sense of which weapon has what effect on the structures and act accordingly using a strong sense of strategy.” added Gupta.

The game received approval from Apple and is available in the app store. “We are excited to see how our audience will react to this game. We believe that when players pick up Troll Blaster, they won’t be able to put it down. If the feedback from our beta testers response is any indication, players are going to love this game.” said Gupta.

The game can be found in the App Store by clicking here.

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