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It’s time for the weekly update from our friends at Mobile Fun! Some more gaming stuff included this week..


This week I’ve got news about the HTC Rhyme, a massive memory card and our latest, most unique product ever, all from Mobile Fun.  From the GamingZap we’ve got some Gears of War goodies and the most anticipated accessory possible ever has arrived, the Nyko Kinect Zoom!  and from GearZap we’ve got some news on Sony Tablet S accessories from TuffLuv.


First to the Sim Free HTC Rhyme.  This handset is causing a bit of a stir as it’s being classed as a female handset because of it’s colour and the notification charm which lights up when you have a notification.  Putting all that aside, it has a 1GHz processor to help you blaze through tasks; runs the latest Android software (Android Gingerbread) and has a 3.7″ touchscreen; so everyday use is seamless and easy.  We’ll be selling the sim free version of the HTC Rhyme for £389.95.



Next up I’ve got news on the massive SanDisk 64GB microSDXC memory card.  We’ll be selling it form the 3rd October for £139.95, but the amount of room you get for your money is unbelievable.  The memory card will hold approximately 30,000 digital photos, more than 2,000 music albums and over 24 hours of 720p HD video footage – so there’s more than enough room!  Plus you could drop the memory card from ten foot high and it would still work and it has a 5 year guarantee, so you know you’ve got a quality and durable product.



Finally from  Mobile Fun, I’d like to introduce you to the PocketBoom, the most unique gadget you’ll see this year.  The PocketBoom has the ability to turn anything into a speaker; so tables, boxes, plant pots and even canal boats – the musical world is your oyster!  The PocketBoom costs less than £15 and is extremely easy to use – you simply plug it into your phone and attach the vibration sticky pad to whatever you wish to make a speaker.  It’s small and light so you can take it anywhere and really you’re  carrying around a party in your pocket 🙂



GamingZap have got some great Gears of War 3 goodies in stock to help celebrate the release of the game.  If you weren’t lucky enough to get you hands on the limited edition Gears of War 3 Xbox then GamingZap have got a Gears of Wars 3 Vault in stock, which encases your Xbox so it gives it a fresh new Gears of War 3 look – it even comes with feet, allowing you to stand your Xbox and increase ventilation.  Another Gears of War 3 accessory they have in stock is the Gears of War 3 Xbox controller, which I have been told will make you play the game better :), but it’s wireless and makes you feel part of the game.  The controller costs £49.95 and the Vault costs £69.99.



Next some really excited news from GamingZap – the elusive Nyko Kinect Zoom arrived this week and we’re the first place in the UK to be stocking it (Amazon haven’t even got it in stock yet!). What the Zoom for Kinect does is reduce the space required to play your Kinect by 40% – so this means you can play it in smaller spaces now and you don’t need to move your furniture out of the way to play.  The Zoom is in stock now and costs £29.95.

nyko-kinect-zoom-lens (1)


Finally GearZap are getting ready for the launch of the Sony Tablet S and have already found some Sony Tablet S accessories.  One of the best they’ve found comes from Tuff Luv and is the Tri-Axis Leather case.  This case has previously been a hit with other tablets so it’s bound to be popular with the Sony Tablet S too.  It’s extremely durable, lets you view your tablet at five different angles and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so quality is assured.