Free iOS Game: Hungribles



Freebie for you today!



Hungribles Free is a skill shot puzzle game featuring 15 of our favourite levels from the full game.
Hungribles are tiny creatures with massive appetites. Their hunger cravings are so powerful they can pull food through the air and into their waiting mouths.
The aim of the game is to feed the Hungribles and make them happy. You do this by launching tasty orbs from a strange glowing mushroom slingshot thingy, of course!
Each Hungrible’s appetite affects the path of the tasty orb as it flies across the screen. Earn high scores by bouncing orbs off walls, curving them around Hungribles or hitting the pot of gold. Compete with your friends and players around the world on the Game Center high score leaderboard.


App Store iPhone Game of the Week July 2011
Top 10 puzzle game in over 60 countries
7 special types of Hungrible to feed
40 story levels across 4 worlds
20 special challenge levels
100s of frames of hand-drawn animation
Illustrated story with hand-drawn pictures
Game Center leaderboard