Genius’ HS-300A Rear Band PC Headset Now Available in the USA & Canada

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Need an inexpensive headset? Then check out this new one from Genius at only $9.90.


Genius , a leading maker of computer peripherals, today releases their new HS-300A Rear Band PC Headset. With its adjustable microphone, single-sided cable that avoids tangles, and its comfortable ear pads that enable long-time use without irritation while preventing noise leakage, the HS-300A is designed for the Internet chatter, the music enthusiast, and the comfort seeker, who is willing to sacrifice nothing when it comes to style.
The sound quality is superb, making the HS-300A Rear Band PC Headset ideal for use as headphones, let alone its headset capabilities. You can put music on pause and switch to an Internet phone call as easily as rotating the microphone.
The snug, sleek rear band design of the HS-300A means that consumers can now slip on their headset without losing any style points or suffering discomfort. Furthermore, users can choose the color of their headset:  either blue or silver.

Package Contents:
  • HS-300A headset
  • Multi-language quick guide
  • Comfortable rear band headset
  • Adjustable microphone
  • Single-sided cable avoids tangles
  • Available in two colors: Blue or Silver
  • MSRP: US$9.90