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Here’s the weekly update from Mobile Fun that I forgot to post on Friday..


lots of news for you this week starting with the awesome looking Sim Free HTC Sensation XE.  I’ve also got a few controllers to tell you about, two which can be used with your phone and one that i’m definitely getting my hands on ready for MW3.  There’s some Transformers 3DS goodies too and a laptop case which Miss Pippa Middleton has been spotted using….

So to the extreme handset that’s getting everyone into a bit of a frenzy, the Sim Free HTC Sensation XE.  We’ve got a price and a release date for this handset and by the looks of it we’re the cheapest around (don’t forget we deliver to over 50 countries too so you’re readers will be able to get their paws on it ).  We’re going to be selling the Sensation XE for £489.95 and we’ll have it in stock from the 7th October – so there’s not long to wait 🙂

This handset excites me, it’s got a huge 1.5GHz processor, ramped up battery life and has Beats by Dre software inside it as well as some Beats by Dre headphones.  Plus it looks good too, the addition of the red really has improved the look of the handset.


We’ve also got a price of the Sim Free Nokia 700, the world’s smallest smartphone.  We’ll be selling it for £279.95 and the handset is available for pre-order now 🙂  The handset is made from brushed metal on the back and reflective glass on the front, making it both beautiful and clever as it houses Symbian Belle tech, NFC and a 5MP camera all in its tiny frame.




Next up I’ve got two bluetooth controllers; one which is Android specific and the other which works with practically any handset.  The Phonejoy Bluetooth Controller only works with Android handsets 2.2 or higher and is styled in the shape of a PS Controller for comfort and style. The controller helps with your accuracy when playing games on your phone and helps to give the feel of playing on a console rather than on your phone.  You get a desk stand included in the pack too, so you can put your phone at the best angle of gameplay.  We’re selling the Phonejoy for £31.95 and it’s available now.




The second bluetooth controller is the iControlPad which is the world’s smallest, lightest and fully functional bluetooth controller and has the ability to turn nearly any handset into a handheld gaming system.  Unlike the Phonejoy, this controller also has joysticks, which again increase accuracy when playing.  There’s two ways to use this controller, either with your phone on a desk stand, or by clipping the handset onto the top of the controller with the included grips.  Another great thing about the iControlPad is that it has the ability to double up as an emergency battery, so you’ll never run out of juice.  The iControlPad is £44.95 and available now.


The third controller comes from GamingZap and is perfect for those who, like me love a bit of COD and first person shooting games. It’s the Mad Catz FPS Pro GamePad which is available for both PS3 and Xbox at £34.95.  GamingZap are the first in the UK to stock this controller and I’m sure it won’t be around for long! The pad is great for tactical shooting as it features two combat buttons on the back which can be remapped to suit your FPS style, whether you’re a snipe fan, a sprinter or a melee player.  The pad is wireless too, so you don’t have to worry about wires cluttering up your room and you’re free to jump around celebrating every round you get the most kills without tripping over a wire 🙂



The final controller is for the PS3 and definitely one for those who are fans of games like Mortal Combat.  It’s the Hori Fighting Stick which has an old school joystick and buttons combo just like you get with the old style arcade games. Also using this controller could bring new levels and even improved play to games like COD with it’s high build quality, fast response and easy to use joystick.  GamingZap are selling this for £79.95 and it’s available now.


Gaming Zap have also got in stock some cool Transformers 3DS accessories like these Transformers styluses and thisTransformer 3DS case, so fans of the films should like those almost as much as I like the leading man 🙂  They’re quirky and give you your own little piece of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, as well as actually serving a function.




Finally, GearZap have got some great new laptop case designs in including one that Miss Pippa Middleton herself has seen using.  The first range is from Walk on Water which stocks both sleeve and bags, which I think have a bit of a vintage look about them.  

However, the case in question which Pippa Middleton was spotted using is from the Knomo Bayswater range which start at £50 per case.  Each case has a quilted exterior and a velvet interior for style and safety, by making sure that all of your laptop is protected.  The bag also gives you the option of using it with the retractable handle or strap, so there’s a variety of way to wear this bag.  It’s a a beautiful and sturdy laptop bag and if it’s good enough for Miss Middleton, then it’s good enough for us too 🙂