Free Android Game: Crime Story

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Yep, here’s a free Android game for you to start your week!

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The search for a missing brother begins your rise through the ranks of a treacherous underworld rife with murder, corruption and greed as Game Insight, a fast-growing social and mobile games company, today announced Crime Story – a free, empire-building game now available for Android.  The announcement follows the recent launch of Game Insight’s top-grossing Android games Paradise Island and My Country.

Crime Story is a game of dominance and deception where players work their way up from an ordinary mafia solider to the head of a crime syndicate.  Conquer the city and build your own criminal empire by eliminating rivals and capturing areas of corruption. Battle scars and tattoos serve as signs of success and respect, and help increase your reputation.

“Already a tremendous success in Russia, we are excited to offer Crime Story to Android audiences worldwide,” said Darya Trushkina, Vice President of Business Development for Game Insight.  “Crime Story is a powerful mix of aggressive empire-building and ruthless elimination of your foes, and really sets a new standard of play for the crime game genre.”

Featuring a high level of individual customization, and wide variety of weapons and rich, colorful graphics and 3D models, Crime Story is now available for download at  More information can be found online at