iStarUSA Announces BPN-DE110SS 1×5.25" Bay SATA/SAS 6.0 Gb/s Trayless Hot-Swap RackS

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Presenting the BPN-DE110SS: Look No Further
iStarUSA powered by iStarUSA Group
September 15, 2011
Suppose you ran out of space or are looking for ways save space for additional hard drives in your PC tower. It seems that the logical solution would be to toss out the current case and purchase a more roomy case that could accommodate the extra load of hard drives. However this same problem could manifest later down the road with this new, but bulky case. Fortunately, you can look no further with iStarUSA’s new hard drive cage, the stylish BPN-DE110. With this smart space saving hard drive cage, you can convert a single standard 5.25” bay to accommodate a 3.5” hard drive. Let us zoom closer to see the benefits of its intuitive design:
-Supports up to 6.0 Gb/s data transfer rate
-Flexible Connectivity of SAS I/II and SATA I/II/III
-Supports 3TB Hard Drives
-Aluminum Frame for Better Cooling and Minimize Total Case Weight
-Trayless Design for Convenient Hot Swap Data Transfer
-Fits in any Universal 5.25” Optical Bay, an immediate storage expansion for rackmounts and desktops
-Alloy Lock and Key for Data Security
-Multiple Color Options of Blue, Red, Black, and Silver, to match your current case
-7” Cage Depth is similar to standard optical drive