muvee Celebrates 10th Anniversary with the Launch of muvee Reveal X

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I have some Muvee software on my computer and use it every once in a while.. I’ve got a few different programs floating around actually and us them for different things really. The new muvee Reveal X has even more features that you’ll like..



muvee, the award-winning pioneer and leader in automatic movie making software and applications, today announced the launch of muvee Reveal X, coinciding with its 10th Anniversary.

muvee Reveal X is the culmination of 10 years of research, over 20 video editing related patents, customer feedback, feature requests and industry firsts. muvee Reveal X is the first automatic video editing program to include Styleswith effects, transitions, animated text, 3D particle sequence loops, and video and graphics content built in. Recommended music and fonts have also been hand-picked and bundled to compliment each Style. Segment-level Audio boost features allow control over particular video scenes to be heard louder than background music. Additionally, new Intertitles and Captions support header and sub-text treatments to give the user more personalization options and be able to better tell their story not just through their pictures and videos, but also through text and comments.

Saving options have also been improved and uploading capabilities for YouTube and Facebook now support the 720P HD streaming service. Saving on the iPhone4 and iPad will also be in 720P H264, with iTunes integration for auto-syncing to iOS devices.

“After ten years of innovation, with Version X we stepped back and asked, why do people make home movies?  Quite simply, it’s to tell a story!  When we make a home movie, we really want to share what happened on our Vacation; what the Wedding was like and what little Ethan did at his 3rd birthday party.  We then re-imagined our products and carefully focused on features to support that,” said Terence Swee, co-founder and CEO, muvee.

In addition to launching muvee Reveal X, muvee also launched a tightly integrated cloud component to muvee’s portfolio of desktop software. muvee Cloudis a private sharing space where users can create private albums, share muvees and invite friends to view and contribute photos and videos.  For a nominal yearly fee, users get unlimited secured private storage and full access to their original resolution content and discounts on premium products.  All muvee Reveal X users get a full-year premium membership.

muvee Reveal X is available for purchase or upgrade for current customers at