Mobile Fun Tips and Bits: Handsets, Avenger, Android Speaker, An Old Favorite and Crumpler

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Time again for the Tips and Bits segment from our friends at Mobile Fun, let’s see what’s they got going on this week:


I’ve got quite a lot to discuss this week, including 3 new handsets, an old favourite iPad 2 case, the ultimate controller for those of you who love a first person shooting game, a camera case for those of you who are snap happy and some exciting news about the Android Speaker!

Starting with the handsets; I’ve got price and release news of two new HTC phones and news on a new edition of a favorite Nokia handset.  

HTC have got two new mystical handsets coming out: the HTC TITAN Sim Free and the HTC Radar Sim Free – the TITAN being the HTC/Windows phone with the biggest ever screen and the Radar being one of the only handsets to be crafted from a single piece of metal!

The TITAN has a n ultra-slim body design (it’s only 9.9mm thick) and a speedy 1.5GHz processor, which when combined with the massive 4.7″ display makes breezing through apps and programs easy and a joy.  Camera wise the TITAN houses an 8MP camera, with an F2.2 lens and BSI sensor, so all your images will be of an extremely high resolution – meaning you can show off your snapping skills and impress all your friends with the quality.  We’re selling the TITAN for £509.95 and we predict we’ll have it in stock early October.



The HTC Radar also has the impressive F2.2 lens but uses a 5MP camera instead.  Where the Radar does shine though is when it comes to social media as it is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter – so you’ll always be connected with your friends and see their latest status updates.  The Radar runs Windows Phone OS 7.5 (Mango) and has a 3.8″ touchscreen, so like the TITAN it’s speedy and handles multiple apps easily.  Both handsets have entertainment at their core with apps like HTC Watch, Zune and Xbox LIVE all available, so you’ve got access to movies, music and gaming at your fingertips.  We’re selling the Radar for £334.95 and we predict that like the TITAN we’ll have it in stock at the start of October.



The final handset is for those of you who like a bit of ‘bling’ (I hate that word :/) – It’s the new edition of the Sim Free Nokia C3-01 but this one is the 18 Carat Gold Edition which gives the handset a real premium, expensive look.  Luckily for the Nokia C3-01 the handset doesn’t just look good, it actually performs!  It was the first Nokia handset to incorporate both a touchscreen and an alphanumeric keyboard in it’s design and packs a 1GHz processor to help you storm through your work and complete multiple tasks at once.  There’s a 5MP camera housed in the handset and more features for gaming and messaging than you could shake a stick at.  The Nokia C3-01 is a great handset so it’s no surprise to see another edition of it being released – this one being sold for £209.99



Next on my list is an old favorite which has now  been turned into an iPad 2 case – the etch-a-sketch iPad 2 case – GearZap will be selling this product and we’re the first people in the UK to be selling it 🙂 We’ll be selling it for £34.95.

The case is really eye catching and quirky and personally takes me back to my childhood (I never was very good at making pictures though :/ I kept forgetting they’d disappear if I shook it!) Not only does the case look good but it contains all the cut-outs needed to keep your iPad 2 fully functioning and even has a little kickstand to allow you to use your iPad 2 at an angle.  All you need to do now is download an etch-a-sketch app and you’ve got a new toy 😀




This next product actually scared me when I first saw it – on first glance of it in the box I thought it was a massive spider!  It’s not a spider though it’s the Avenger Xbox 360 controller which is made to help and make you level 50 prestiged 15 times players of COD and other first person shooter games even better!  The idea behind it is that you’ll never have to take your hands off the controller in order to press any of the buttons or triggers.  Will had a go it yesterday and said that after 30 minutes you get used to it and it actually does improve your speed, so in return improves your score on the game.  I think I should invest in the PS3 version if I want to prestige before MW3 comes out – I’m only level 28!  The controllers are available now from GamingZap costing £49.9



Over on LoveCases one of their most popular SLR camera cases has come back into stock – the Crumpler Jimmy Bo 400.  The bag is a great price at £27.95 and protects your camera and lens easily.  The interior of the bag can be adjusted to fit your camera’s needs and the style of the bag actually allows you to wear it in three different ways.  It’s a great bag for those of you who are snap happy as lets be honest SLR cameras are expensive, so they need the best protection around!


Finally, you might remember a few weeks ago I told you about the Android Speaker Bluetooth Sound Box with Hands Free – it’s the speaker shaped like the little Android Robot Fellow which plays your music via bluetooth but also handles all your calls!  The good news is we’ve been told they should arrive on Monday and at only £19.95 each they’re a bit of a bargain and let’s be honest, they’re quite cute too.