Adds New Gold, Silver, Bronze Levels to Make Finding Android Apps Easier

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I don’t know about you but I seem to spend too much time trying to find apps on the marketplace, and then when I find one it usually turns out to be a copy of something lese or just plain junk. Now you can find the best of the best on since they’re rating everything for you so you’re sure to find the best.



Whether an Android phone user is looking for new workout plans, personal finance programs, coupons for household items, the latest NFL news or local weather updates, they may feel a bit overwhelmed. Finding thebest Android apps for any individual’s lifestyle, needs and interests can be a challenging thing to do. Thanks to the new Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, makes it easier – and faster – than ever to sort through more than 100,000 Android apps, including a variety of free Android apps.

In addition to a list of the best Android apps, broken into the aforementioned groups, the free site makes it simple to browse the apps because they are broken down into specific categories. The site goes one step further and conveniently separates the free Android apps from the paid options.

“While Android apps can certainly make your life easier, finding the best ones can be a huge challenge, and it can consume valuable time. Android Apps Finder makes the process simple, so that you can find the app you want when you need it,” said Jed Lampi, owner and founder of

With Gold, Silver and Bronze levels that make for easier searching, is regularly updated with the latest apps and information. Likewise, users of the Android Apps Finder site don’t have to log in to get the information that they’re seeking – each app page has a QR code, so users can simply scan the code using a free barcode scanner app on their phone. All of this makes the entire process of finding the best Android apps and downloading them as smooth as possible.