Bouncy Bug iOs Game Just Released

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A new game for a new week for you, this one is called Bouncy Bug and it’s from a company called App in the Box.



Press the jello walls to bounce Clyde around the levels while trying to collect all the fruit. Press the floor and walls to bounce our hero into every twisty, bouncy corner.

Swipe the walls to create waves in the jello. Carefully time your bounces to get more height and speed with each bounce.
✔ Unique control method – touch walls to bounce
✔ 100’s of tricky levels and cool power ups
✔ Game Center & stacks of achievements
✔ Dynamically generated graphics
✔ Universal: iPhone & iPad cross compatible
✔ Great for all ages, easy to learn
✔ Very addictive, exciting game play
✔ Full community on Facebook and Twitter
✔ Play your own music in the background

n The App Store
Check out the game in the app store.
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The Official Game Trailer
Shows some in game action and gives users a preview of the game and game features.


Bouncy Bug Official Fan Page
Dedicated section of our website with updates, game info, screen shots, promo video and more.


Bouncy Bug’s Facebook Fan Page
Dedicated fan page with regular news feeds and support from the developers.


Bouncy Bug on Twitter
Dedicated Twitter page with regular news feeds.!/BouncyBugGame


Check Us Out
AppInTheBox is a leading independent games studio based in Melbourne, Australia and is the creator of the globally successful iOS game Drop the Chicken.