The Tommyknocker Doorbell Wants to Play Your MP3 Files

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Yep you read that right, it’s a doorbell that play mp3 files! We have these cellphones that play all kinds of music when they ring, so I guess the next logical step would be your doorbell right? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?



Predominance LLC is pleased to introduce the Tommyknocker Digital Doorbell into the consumer electronic market. The Tommyknocker operates in the high quality all digital domain and enables users to personalize their doorbell with their favorite MP3 digital audio files. The Tommyknocker utilizes USB technology and comes with a pre-loaded USB memory stick complete with a selection of sounds, wall mounting plate and wiring harness to make installation as simple as possible. The Tommyknocker website http://www.tommyknockerdoorbell.comcontains dozens of additional free audio files to choose from and offers a free sound file editor to registered users.

The Tommyknocker is a USB, all digital doorbell that does not need any audio cable or microphone to load sounds. MP3 sound files may be uploaded to the Tommyknocker USB memory stick via a computer with the help of our website and may be any length up to the size of the stick. The website http://www.tommyknockerdoorbell.comoffers users instructions on setting up sticks, wiring diagrams and installation instructions as well as a sound editing tool. The sound editing tool is designed to enable users to select desired sections of music or favorite sounds, perhaps focusing on the introduction or main theme for a custom effect. In addition, the Tommyknocker can be used as a MP3 player capable of playing entire albums. The Tommyknocker may be wired to most existing low voltage doorbell transformers and is easily connected using the supplied wiring harness and mounting plate. The unit is powered by a 10 watt amplifier and plays back through a quality 4” full range speaker, adjustable to 80 db. The Tommyknocker Digital Doorbell offers an exciting alternative to traditional solenoid doorbells with a large variety of sound options at the user’s fingertips. If you like gadgets and have plenty of digital audio, the Tommyknocker will give you years of enjoyment.

Predominance LLC welcomes inquiries from 3rd party developers and sound designers with interest in the Tommyknocker. For further information on development or licensing, please send emails to Scott Steinetz bizdev(at)predominancellc(dot)com.

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