Mobile Fun – Tips & Bits – MountMe, BB 9900, Twelve South, Wild and Wolf and Zelda

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The weekly news from Mobile Fun!

So this week, I have news on the BB 9900, a cool and pretty unique new iPad 2 case, some Zelda stuff from Gaming Zap, a Macbook case that looks like a book from GearZap and an introduction to Lovecases for you!

The Blackberry 9900, I think this handset is going to be full of win for Blackberry; it’s fast, fluid and combines both the iconic QWERTY keyboard and a capacitive touchscreen – so everyone’s happy.  It still has all the traditional features you expect from RIM, a great emailing service which is protective and BBM but this handset is the thinnest yet measuring only 10.5mm!  The news is we have the SIM Free Blackberry 9900 stock today costing £514.95 –


Next on my list is a rather unusual but interesting iPad 2 mount – It’s called the MountMe Freedom iPad 2 Mount which basically allows you to mount your iPad 2 more or less anywhere!  To do this it uses 4 suction cups and a bracket – the bracket attaches to the back of your iPad as a sort of case and the suction cups attaches to the bracket -so you can use it with or without them.  The bracket allows you to use your iPad 2 at more or less any angle and doubles up as a kickstand for if you’re just using your iPad at your desk.  With the suction cups though, you could take a leaf out of the Fridgepad books and stick it on the fridge or there’s always glass and windows (car windows?) but if the suction cups just won’t cut it then you also get a strap so you can tie it up instead opening up so many new possibilities!  



Now from GearZap I’ve got a really cool laptop case which I would buy if we sold it for the Macbook Pros, but we’ve only got stock for the new Airs! The case is made by Twelve South who are well known for their Macbook accessories and what’s so different about is not only is it real leather but it looks like a book – it’s called the BookBook Case so the name does kind of give it away!  We’re one of the first UK retailers to be stocking this.



If you’re a Zelda fan (which I’ll admit I do like to play a bit of it every now and then) and you have a 3DS then this a great one for you – it’s Zelda Crystal Armour Case for the 3DS which GamingZap will have in stock very soon.  It’s a very robust case, so your 3DS is nice and protected, plus the Zelda artwork will add a bit of individuality to your 3DS 🙂  GamingZap also have their popular HKS Racing Controller for PS3, which is great if you’re a fan of racing games like GT5 because the control pad and buttons are suited to help play the games better!



Finally, you may already know about LoveCases, you may not! but LoveCases is our latest site which specializes in cases (no surprises given the name!) and it also has camera accessories and their latest line is travel cases – particularly these beauties from Wild and Wolf.