FM Transmitter for iPhone / iPod / iPad Review

Do you like to take your music with you? A lot of cars today have inputs for mp3 players in them but some don’t so what’s one to do? What you have to do is get something like I have for review today, an FM Transmitter so you can play your music and listen to it over your car stereo or other stereo. It’s from USBFever and it’s aptly named the FM Transmitter for iPhone / iPod / iPad.


Product Name: FM Transmitter for iPhone / iPod / iPad

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: USBFever 

Price: $17.99

– High fidelity, Stereo
– Digital PLL
– Full frequency range.
– Memory for last frequency
– LCD Screen with blue backlight
– Powered by iPhone directly, no extra power source needed
– available in the phone mode
– Stop playing when calls in
– with charging socket for iPod / iPhone at the bottom.
– available range: 10 meters approximately.
– Compact
– Lightweight

– Frequency response: 100Hz ~ 15000Hz
– Separation: <=30dB
– Operating Current: 20+/-3dB
– Transmission range: 87.9MHz ~ 107.9MHz (interval 0.1MHz)
– Dimensions: D60xH35x12.5 (mm)
– Net Weight: 17g

The Review::

The FM Transmitter comes in a plastic box.

ifm1 ifm2



There’s nothing else in the box, just the FM Transmitter. On the front are plus and minus buttons for tuning and a small LCD display. The back is just plain and on the top is an Apple style connector. The FM Transmitter is made of plastic and it’s very lightweight. One thing interesting about this little gadget is that it doesn’t require batteries, it uses the power of your device.

ifm3 ifm4 ifm5


On the bottom of the transmitter is another Apple port so you can use it as a pass through for charging or syncing.



To use it you just attach it to your iPod Touch or iPhone in the Apple port. The LCD Display will light up blue temporarily so you can see the frequencies better in the dark.

ifm7 ifm8 ifm9 ifm10


To test it out I went to my car and listened to music. To use it you need to find a blank or static station on your radio and then tune the FM Transmitter to the same station and then just hit play on your iPod.

ifm11 ifm12


The FM Transmitter seems to work fine really, but the sound is a bit odd, it’s kind of muffled, but it is clear though really. My car does have an input for my MP3 player and it’s much clearer than using the FM Transmitter, don’t get me wrong though the transmitter is pretty clear.



The FM Transmitter from USBFever is simple and easy to use, and it works great. I really like the idea of having no batteries and it doesn’t seem to draw that much power from your device.

The price is $17.99 which I think is worth it for the ability to take your music with you in your car.



+Small and lightweight
+Simple to use
+Includes pass-through port
+No batteries needed
-Sound is kind of muffled

Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Value / Price: score-9-10
Build Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10

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