Lite Version "A Knights Dawn" is out!

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I have the full version of A Knight’s Dawn and I have to say it’s a decent game, especially the graphics. They’ve just released a lite version with access to the first two story mode levels, and it’s free so you can try it and see if you want to buy the full game.


Today im happy to announce that we´ve just uploaded our Lite Version of ” A Knights Dawn” to the Appstore. Its completly free and contains the first two Story Mode Level. So if you havent played it yet: now is your chance!
Remember „A Knights Dawn“ ?It´s that multilevel Fantasy Tower Defense Strategy Game for core gamers with beautiful Storybook-like Graphics, deeply balanced gameplay and an original soundtrack.
No.1 in over 10 Countries, new and noteworthy in Germany,with average ratings at 4.5 in many countries.
The Feedback to our first Version was very positive with a few comments:There were a few people who said that it is much too difficult for them – others said they loved the core gamer orientated grade of difficulty.
With the Update “A Knights Dawn” stayed what it is: A Strategy gamethats fun for Core Gamers and great for others who are looking for a real challenge.

You´ll find the Lite Version here:
Here is the complete game:

Feel free to check out the original Trailer here: