HP Touchpad 16gb for $85.99!

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We’ve all seen the $99.99 deal on the HP Touchpad 16gb, how about $85.99?!

I’ve never heard of or dealt with this company before so I take no responsibility for anything if you order from them…  The company is called PCMallGov and it’s an online shopping site based out of Virginia. I looked for reviews online and found a mixed sort of them, good and bad and in-between. So who knows about them?! Anyone dealt with them?

Price is $85.99 with several shipping options, cheapest for me was $10 and change. So that’s still cheaper than the $99.99 deal and you don’t have to deal with the people….

Anyway, they supposedly have over 5000 16gb HP Touchpads in stock as of now.


Here’s the link: http://onlineshopping.pcmallgov.com/pcmallgov/shop/detail.aspx?edp=6833191&sessid=41ed63bc38e14384bf08eecd084fc139


Like I said I don’t know who this company is so be careful shopping with them. It’s not my fault if you order and something bad happens. I’m just posting the deal…