Urbanears Fall/Winter Collection Now Available

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I can say one thing for these new headphones, they sure are colorful!


What would life be like without color? Very boring, no doubt.  Which is why here at Urbanears, we’re on a mission to bring you headphones in an array of different colors. And with so many colors to choose from, we certainly have our hands full. With this in mind we are introducing three new colors to the 2011 Fall/Winter Urbanears collection—Mustard, Raspberry and Indigo. These new colors are available at your local retailer, and online at Urbanears.com.


The stuff that goes on hot dogs, Mustard comes in a variety of different shades and tastes. Urbanears’ Mustard has more in common with the kind found in Europe—with a slightly darker appearance—rather than the bright yellow mustard that is common in North America. We think it will be a delicious new addition to the Urbanears’ color family.


A berry-pink hue with blue and purple undertones, Raspberry is reminiscent of late-summer picnics, popsicles and the color your cheeks turn after you’ve been outside a little too long in the cold. It’s the kind of color that brings cheer to an otherwise cloudy day.


Named after the plant Indigofera, its dye is used to dye denim cloth—giving blue jeans their dark blue hue. Urbanears’ Indigo headphones remind us of a crisp new pair of jeans, just begging to be worn. We think it’s the perfect color for fall—or anytime for that matter.


To make room for our new friends we’ve had to say goodbye to some old favorites. They will be available while supplies last, so don’t wait to get your hands on them; they could be gone before you know it!