Announcing X11 Windows 7 Professional based tablet computer from Kupa

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Hmmm… I think I need one of these. The X11 is a Windows 7 Pro tablet with over 10 hours of battery life, dual cameras and a 128gb SSD and it runs off Intel Oak Trail at 1.5Ghz.


With a new tablet computer announced each day, is X11yet another entry to the already crowded tablet computer market place? With an intuitive pen and touch screen input system, 10+hours battery life, 128 SSD and running Windows 7 Professional, X11 is unlike any tablet computers on the market.

X11‘s patented dual input system lets users draw and write naturally with digital stylus and interact with the system through fingertips on a beautiful 10 inch 1366 by 768 multi touch sensitive screen. The X11 digital stylus system boasts an excellent location accuracy of < 0.1mm error and the ability to recognize 1024 different levels of pen pressure. By comparing X11’s accuracy numbers to commonly available touch input only tablet computer’s inconsistent location accuracy of < 1.5mm error and the inability to distinguish pressure level, user will find X11’s input system is among the best of currently available tablet computers.

X11represents Kupa’s vision of next generation tablet computer that is mobile, powerful and energy efficient. By applying principles of total solid state design, and using technologies such as SSD and fanless cpu design, Kupa created X11 to be a silent and robust system that is perfect suited for work and play. Behind X11‘s thin and light exterior is the lean and mean Intel Oak Trail platform running at 1.5GHz. Kupa matched the Intel processor with 2GB DDR2 memory and an industry leading 128GB SSD so customers can enjoy a smooth user experience and plenty of storage for their files. X11 has a 10 hour continuous operation and 30 day standby battery life, the best of any Windows 7 based tablet computer, while maintaining a thin and light weight profile (height: 0.58” and weight: 2.2 lb).

X11is all about connectivity. From connecting to work or home network through Wi-Fi, and 3G to connecting to peripherals using USB and Bluetooth, user can stay connected with work, family, and friends and all user’s devices. By running Windows 7 and having full USB port support, X11 is compatible with more hardware than any other tablets on the market.X11 also has embedded full GPS chip that can independently track 128 satellites for quickly and accurately determining user location without needing help from cellular network. Most of today’s tablets have assisted GPS chip that are significantly less accurate, especially without help from cellular tower. X11 has two built-in cameras. The front camera is 2.0 megapixels while the rear camera is 3.0 megapixels, giving user more tools to create and communicate.

X11is enterprise ready with built-in fingerprint scanner, Trusted Platform Module, and a full array of ports backed by Windows 7 Profession’s hardware compatibility. Whether user wants RFID reader, bar code scanner or anything that has an usb connector, a device much more likely to be supported by X11 than iOS or Android powered tablets. The familiar Windows environment is easy to learn for users and with added dimension of mobility and flexibility of tablet computer. In addition, user’s existing software that are likely written for Windows and don’t have to be rewritten because Windows 7 Professional supports programs written for Windows 7, Vista or XP. Every X11 is backed by a manufacturer 24 month warranty.

X11 is available for preorder now. Visit us at or email us at info(at)kupaworld(dot)com for further detail.