Mobile Fun News: Galaxy S2 cases, Dell Streak Keycase and a pretty cool laptop stand

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Some news from our friends at Mobile Fun.

Newsletter wise, I’ve got a couple of new Galaxy S2 cases to tell you about, a really cool keycase for the rarely mentioned Dell Streak and a couple of good looking Gearzap products including one i’m a little tempted to buy myself!

So first up Galaxy S2 cases – there does seem to be a never ending spectrum of cases coming out for the S2 and i’d go as far as saying there’s probably more available for the S2 than the iPhone 4 and that’s been out a while longer!  Anywho we’ve got a new Case-Mate Barely There range in but what makes these ones different is that they have a brushed aluminium back as oppose to the standard matte backs, so it just adds a new dimension to the handset whilst retainign all the protective features.


We’ve also got a range of Bling My Thing cases available for the S2 (we also sell them for other handsets).  They’re a bit fun and girly in that the ‘Bling’ comes from a Swarovski element and from personal experience I know a girl likes her Swarovski!  What I personally like about these cases is that they don’t go overboard on the ‘bling’ so they look classy, whereas I’m not the biggest fan of sparkly cases which have the gems all over them – it’s a bit too much.


The final Galaxy S2 case we have is a Genuine Samsung Flip Cover which fits like a glove on the handset and protects both the screen and the back whilst allowing full access to all the ports and features needed to keep the handset fully functioning.

Moving on from S2 covers to a keycase for a gadget which rarely seems to be spoken about; the Dell Streak.  We’ve sourced a pretty cool leather bluetooth keyboard case for the Streak, which looks like a folio when closed.  The battery life on the keyboard is excellent and it even has an auto-sleep function function for your Streak to help preserve it’s life too.  As with most bluetooth keyboards it has active pairing, but this one also comes with an integrated stand so that you can type on an angle.  It’s a great product for Streak owners and it doesn’t come with a hefty pricetag so win win 🙂


Gearzap have had some pretty cool new stuff in over the last couple of weeks, but i think this is one of my favourites and i’m even contemplating buying it for my Mac.  It’s the Aviiq portable Quick Stand which is the world’s thinnest laptop stand so it’s highly portable mainly due to the fact that it folds flat.  the way in which the stand is positioned when it’s in use reminds me of that of an Apple Smart cover in that it’s rolled round into the triangle shape and can then be unrolled so that it’s flat  – so I think it’s a deffo for Mac owners.  Using the stand does help to prevent your laptop from overheating and due to the size and shape of the stand you can position it nearly anywhere so you’ve got more angles to choose from.  I don’t have any of these in stock at the moment so don’t have any to send out for review – hopefully i will in the future 🙂