Kickin Momma can NOW get a new necklace

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A Peggle wannabe game?!


Indie developer Hothead Games today announced the launch of Kickin Momma, a hilarious kick-em up puzzle game for iPhone and iPad.

Whilst walking down the street one day, Kickin Mommaeyes and desires a new gem-encrusted necklace in a jewelers’ store. Sadly she can’t afford it. However, she does discover another way to get what she wants – by aiming and drop-kicking her children into a nearby shiny field of jewels and gems!

Once launched into the air, Momma’s helpful children will hit, bounce and ping off pegs like pinballs, with the ultimate goal of collecting as many gems as possible.

Kickin Momma’s children will do anything to make her happy so help them achieve the right kicking strategy and with a bit of luck you will be able to win enough gems to unlock the next level.


• Hours of play: 36 levels over 3 different worlds
• Fire, Ice, Rock, Multiplier, Splitter, Countdown and Explosive pegs make each level unique and challenging!
• Accessorize: Unlock unique items to dress up Momma as you play including kicking boots and a mustache!
• Challenges: Bronze, Silver and Gold medal awards per level
• Game Center enabled with Achievements and Leaderboards

Kickin Mommais available as a Universal App in both Standard and High Definition. The SD version of the game is recommended for 2nd generation devices and older such as iPhone 3G and includes lower resolution graphics to help improve performance on older devices.

The definitive HD version is also available, supporting retina display with hi-res graphics and a full motion introduction movie of Kickin Mommaherself.

It’s time to kick the kids, collect some jewels, and head over to the iTunes App Store!

Click here to pick up the universal HD app for $3.99:

For second generation iPhone 3G Mommas, pick up the SD app for $1.99:

Watch the trailer and see the gameplay in action here: