Hornettek Rotating Case for iPad 2 Review

Up for review today we have another iPad 2 case from Hornettek. Their second iPad 2 case is the Hornettek Rotating Case. It is designed to provide viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical orientations via its rotating iPad 2 holder.

With its leather exterior this model looks similar in style and construction to their Solid Shield iPad 2 case. The addition of a rotating 360 degree iPad 2 holder differentiates the two cases apart.


Product Name: Hornettek Rotating Case

Author: Tom Ratas

Provider: Hornettek

Price: $68.77 (from Amazon at time of review)

Protect your iPad 2 inside out

The Hornettek Rotating Case is designed for the iPad 2 with durability, flexibility, and fashion in mind. With its stylish design, yet extremely tough protection, the Rotating Case protects your iPad2 anytime, anywhere.

Thorough Protection, Soft touch, Scratch Resistant

The hard shell covers the back of your iPad 2 and secures the device. The soft interior material protects the fragile glass of iPad 2 against scratches. The front/rear camera, speaker, and all buttons and switches on iPad 2 are fully accessible and secured while being fastened in the Solid case.

Have fun with your iPad 2 in any angle, any style

The 360 degree rotating feature holds the iPad 2 in the case no matter whether you are watching your favorite movies or photos vertically or horizontally. In addition, the Rotating Case provides three different angles for you to type, read, or play your iPad 2 in most comfortable viewing position.

Wakes and Sleeps your iPad 2

When opening/closing the case, the leather protecting cover activates the wake/sleep function of your iPad 2.

Portrait your favorite logo!

With such perfect design, protection, and functionality, the Rotating Case still keeps the best part visible with style. Your favorite Apple logo is framed in the center of the case with a unique visual design that stands your iPad 2 out from others.

The Review::


The Hornettek Rotating Case comes in a cardboard package with a clear plastic window on the front and back displaying the case.

Hornettek Rotating Case01 Hornettek Rotating Case02 Hornettek Rotating Case03

Opening the box we find a portfolio style case measuring 25 x 19.5 x 1.8 cm and weighing 1.31 lbs. The Hornettek Rotating Case is composed of a black leather exterior with an iron grey interior. The construction materials include thermoplastic polyurethane and suede.

Examining the front of the Hornettek Rotating Case reveals a plain black leather cover. Silver stitching surrounds the perimeter with an elastic band originating from the top and bottom of the cover.

Hornettek Rotating Case04 Hornettek Rotating Case05

Flipping the case over we see the same leather and stitching. The left side of this back area is composed of thermoplastic polyurethane while the right side is a padded material. A circular opening is found in the center which is the rotating ring for the iPad 2 holder; it also displays the Apple logo on the back of the iPad 2.

Hornettek Rotating Case06

The interior of the Hornettek Rotating Case is composed of grey suede covering the left inner cover and half of the right back cover. On the left inner cover there are three linear notches for locking the stand into position. When not closing the case the elastic band is also be found in this area.

Hornettek Rotating Case07 Hornettek Rotating Case08 Hornettek Rotating Case09 Hornettek Rotating Case10

The iPad 2 tray composed of black thermoplastic polyurethane is found on the right side. The tray rests on a black circular ring allowing it to swivel in a 360 degree range. Openings for the iPad 2 connectors and ports surround this tray.

Hornettek Rotating Case11

Installation and removal of the iPad 2 was simple as the Hornettek Rotating Case uses a clip system to secure the Apple tablet within the tray. The elastic strap easily slides over the back section of the case keeping the iPad 2 securely protected.

Hornettek Rotating Case12 Hornettek Rotating Case13

Here is the front and back of the Hornettek Rotating Case with the iPad 2 inserted within. The circular opening on the back of the case shows off the aluminum Apple logo.

Hornettek Rotating Case14 Hornettek Rotating Case15

All of the iPad 2’s controls are easily accessible.

Hornettek Rotating Case16 Hornettek Rotating Case17 Hornettek Rotating Case18

The front cover works in conjunction with the iPad 2 Smart Cover capability allowing the iPad 2 to wake or sleep with opening and closing of the case.

Of course the big selling point of the Hornettek Rotating Case is the ability to swivel the iPad 2’s orientation in conjunction with the case’s stand capability. Here we see some of the conformations of the iPad 2 using the stand.

Hornettek Rotating Case19 Hornettek Rotating Case20 Hornettek Rotating Case21 Hornettek Rotating Case22

Like its sister stand, the Solid Shield the Hornettek Rotating Case has three viewing angles for resting the iPad 2. The stand capability is excellent for viewing the iPad 2 but there is no position designed for typing on the iPad 2’s screen itself as found with other cases.

Aesthetically speaking the case looks like numerous other leather style folio cases in the market. The one distinguishing feature is the circular opening in the back that highlights the aluminum Apple logo.

In terms of protection the Hornettek Rotating Case is well padded and seems like it would withstand most mild to moderate trauma with ease maybe even some more severe impacts too. The padding and thermoplastic polyurethane is designed to absorb the brunt of an assault on the Apple tablet.

The elastic strap when closed does keep the iPad 2 safely locked within the Hornettek Rotating Case. Plus this strap covers the opening for the camera keeping it protected when not in use.



If you watch videos, work with a keyboard peripheral or like having the iPad 2 in a standing orientation then the Hornettek Rotating Case is a model to consider. Its professional appearance while a bit generic allows the iPad 2 to fit into a work or play environment. The rotating 360 degree tray allows the orientation of the iPad 2 to be easily adjusted.

Besides its stand capability the Hornettek Rotating Case is a well padded case that should keep your iPad 2 safe from most drops and falls.





+Well constructed
+Landscape and portrait stand positions
+Shows off aluminum Apple logo
+Smart Cover enabled
+Plenty of padding+Full access to controls
-Generic leather appearance

Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Value / Price: score-9-10
Build Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10

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