’s weekly new launches (week 30, 2011)

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New stuff from our friends at USBFever!


Super Mobile Power Pack with 2 USB Power Sockets for iPhone / iPad /
Magic Ped – The magic Riser for iPhone 4
Micro USB OTG Host cable 4 Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 SII
Composite AV Cable with extra USB & Audio sockets for Samsung Galaxy Tab
White AAA Battery Emergency Charger for iPhone / iPod
USB 3.0 Micro USB HDD Cable (Dual USB Male to Micro USB)
White Mini DisplayPort Female to DisplayPort Male Adapter Cable
OEM Replacement SIM Tray for iPad 2
Red Retractable USB Dock cable Sync and Charging
OEM Apple’s dock connector to Micro USB Cable
Fall-in-Love Themed Hard Case for iPhone 4
Jeans & Money Themed Hard Case for iPhone 4
Edge / Table Mount for iPad / Tablet / Pad Computer
Glass Floor Stand for iPad 1 & 2 / Table PC / Pad Computers