Free 3D Action Game ApeFlip is Now Available on Appstore and Android Market

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Free is nice that’s for sure, so load up your appstore and get ApeFlip!

ApeFlip is a 3D action game shooting up the world via the AppStore and Android market.

Technical details

ApeFlip is connected to the biggest mobile social game platform, OpenFeint. As the player scores points and climbs up the OpenFeint leaderboard, the Ape’s skin changes as the character ‘evolves’. This function is similar to those seen in other well-known games which are hosted by servers, whereas ApeFlip does not use servers to host scoring data.

The game uses progressive 3D design and a multi-platform system and was developed using the game development tool Unity.

Background Story

On the Planet of the Apes, the apes have evolved to display human-like features and characteristics, but with such viciousness that they destroy everything. In addition, they have a secret…the apes are Judo addicts. Using this passion for Judo and your Judo skills, flip other apes to gain points and aim for the top.

Unique functions of ApeFlip

Evolve the apes: Your ape will evolve by climbing up the leaderboard and improving your OpenFeint ranking.

Raise your ape: Every time you flip another ape your ape will grow.
Easy action: Just flip the ape with accurate timing.
Connected to social media: Post your points on Twitter and Facebook.

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