INK: Tattoo Simulator Release!

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Here’s an interesting little app that let’s you see what you look like with a Tattoo..

Cat Head Studios is proud to announce the release of it’s latest groundbreaking tattoo preview software, INK: Tattoo Simulator for iPhone & Android!

Using the built-in camera, INKwill allow a user to take a photo

of a potential tattoo image and superimpose it onto a photo of the user’s body. An easy and intuitive interface allows users to modify the image’s size, shape, contrast, to perfect how the tattoo will look before committing to go under the needle! Integrated Facebook and email allow sharing with friends and family (they won’t know if it’s real or not)!


  • New Gallery Mode! Choose from over 40 Different Designs. Zodiac, Tribal, Kanji, Asian, Fairy, and Classic Tattoos
  • Gesture Control: Zoom, Scale, Rotate, and Place your Tattoo for the perfect pic!
  • Import tattoos through your Camera or your Existing Library(Grab from the Web!)
  • Brightness/Contrast control for realistic photo manipulation
  • Built in Help to get you creating Tattoos in no time
  • Easy and intuitive interface (a baby can use… please don’t tattoo your baby)
  • Post your pic to your Facebook page and show everyone your tattoo design!
  • Email to friends, family, loved ones, hated ones, and even family pets(granted they have an email)!
  • Find Tattoo Shops from LA, Miami, to New York, and Tokyo!
  • Save to your device for future viewing!
  • With INK: Tattoo Simulator mix any tattoo with any body part! The combinations are endless!