Synology Launches DiskStation DS2411+

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I love my Synology NAS box, and I’m very happy with it. Synology just keeps coming out with more great new products.


Synology America Corp. today announced the release of the DS2411+, the first of its class in desktop storage. The new 12-bay NAS will pair with a DX1211 expansion module for up to 24 drives. Using 3TB disks allows for volumes of up to 72 TB.

The DiskStation provides a simple and reliable solution for the standard NAS roles such as easy file sharing, scheduled backups, remote access, and centralized management. Additional services can also be enabled, such as a built-in web server capable of hosting up to 30 sites at once, or an add-on email server. Synology’s robust remote access has been further enhanced with apps available for free on Apple’s® iOS devices or Android.

“This new model is a tremendous value,” said Jason Bonoan, Product Marketing Manager at Synology America Corp. “Synology provides a competitive price/performance ratio, offering better value than the competition. While it would make a good fit for just about any business, photographers in particular should love this.”

With camera resolutions still increasing, photographers will face growing need for storage space. The DS2411+ allows users to begin with only the amount of storage they need to begin with and scale on the fly.

Synology knows that photographers rely on more than simply their cameras. With Synology’s award-winning DiskStation Manager, users can easily manage their storage. Synology’s Hybrid RAID allows users to easily create redundant volumes, maximizing the use of mixed drive sizes. Synology has options for photographers to fit their needs, work style, and budget – but most importantly to help them assure their life’s work.

See what the DS2411+ has to offer here: