Hungribles Challenge Mode Revealed in New Screenshots (iOS)

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hungribles5 hungribles6

Hungribles has now been submitted for App Store review and while we wait, nervously wringing our hands, we’d like to share the first details of the game’s challenge mode with you.

In all modes, the aim of the game is to feed the Hungribles with tasty orbs to make them happy. In story mode you can take your time and the only pressure comes from having a limited number of orbs available.

In challenge mode things are more hectic as you play against the clock. You have an unlimited number of orbs but, once you fire your first orb, your mushroom slingshot fires continuously like some sort of fungal Gatling gun.

Challenge levels generally feature more individual Hungribles and often have moving walls and other dynamic elements. You get bonus points for trick shots, bouncing the orbs off walls and curving them around Hungribles, but the real points come from finishing quickly with lots of time left on the clock.

Compared to other physics-based puzzlers, in Hungribles there is more skill to aiming and the gravity inspired appetite effect is unique. Our latest gameplay trailer shows story mode in action: