G-Form Unleashes the new iPad Extreme Sleeve 2

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G-Form, an athletic gear company that recently released the Extreme Sleeve™ for iPad famous for its 500-foot airplane drop and 12-pound bowling ball drop, is proud to announce the latest model of its innovative sleeve, the Extreme Sleeve™ 2 for iPad.  Fully designed and manufactured in the United States of America, this light-weight, flexible, and water-resistant sleeve has all of the qualities of the company’s original iPad Extreme Sleeve™, but now has added an additional RPT™ (Reactive Protection Technology) edge layer that also runs under the zipper for even more impact absorption. In the Extreme Sleeve™ 2, the company has also expanded the interior room to better accommodate the iPad 2 with Smart Cover.
“We find that the overwhelming majority of our customers are thrilled with the level of protection in the smallest possible form factor that the Extreme Sleeve™ 1 offers,” notes Thom Cafaro, Innovations Manager at G-Form, “In fact we have already received quite a few emails with stories of the Extreme Sleeve™ saving customers iPad’s from some pretty nasty potential accidents.  However, we also heard that some of our customers wanted even more protection, especially in the zipper area, and as a company we are committed to innovating around our customers’ feedback”.

“The new Extreme Sleeve™ 2 not only adds a significant additional layer of RPT™ impact absorbing protection under the zipper and other edge areas, but also has expanded the interior space in order to more comfortably fit the iPad 2 outfitted with the smart cover,” said Cafaro.

The added protection and interior space makes for a slightly larger sized sleeve with a slightly higher price tag.  However, G-Form is giving any early purchaser of the Extreme Sleeve™ a chance to upgrade at no cost if they would like.
“We wanted to reward our early adopters,” said Cafaro “since these are the people helping us to continue to push the boundaries.”

Both the Extreme Sleeve™ 1 and Extreme Sleeve™ 2 are constructed entirely out of G-Form’s RPT™ composite material, a combination of PORON®XRD™ and proprietary G-Form technology and design.  The Extreme Sleeve™ absorbs over 90% of the energy of an impact and stiffens to act like armor in order to offer a high level of protection for your iPad.

The iPad Extreme Sleeve™ 2 is now for $69.95 at www.g-form.com.  It is offered in a yellow and black.