Board up the Windows! MMO Brawler Mini Fighter Overrun by Zombie Invasion!

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Hmm.. cool looking game, I may have to check it out if I ever get the time..


CJ E&M Games today introduced a new Zombie Mode for their 2D brawler MMO Mini Fighter Online. The free-to-play sensation combines fighting and role-playing elements, and now the game’s heroes will face their toughest challenge yet: a shuffling undead hoard! Players can fight back with a new power character, Power Ryusei. To celebrate one of the biggest updates in Mini Fighter history, Netmarble is also hosting an exciting Slot Machine Event. Jump into the lightning-fast action today at
Zombie Mode
This summer, brainless zombies are rising from the ground, attempting to devour everyone in sight! Our brave Mini Fighters must fight back the hoard in order to preserve world peace. Who will become a zombie snack and who will be the last man standing? Starting today, it’s open season on all zombies!
– Zombies vs Mini Fighters battles will take place in the Battle Room. Recruit all your friends to fight against them!
– When a player is defeated by zombies, he will be transformed into a zombie.
– When all players are transformed to zombies, the battle ends and the zombies win.
– If there is a single survivor remaining, the Mini Fighters win!

Power Ryusei
Armed with a bigger Saber and faster shurikens, Power Ryusei is back with a vengeance! This powered up Ryusei packs upgraded skills to deftly eliminate opponents. The Power Ryusei Eventruns from July 7th to July28th. Obtain 9 Star or 12 Star Power Ryusei Card by fusion, and receive 3 million mifa and Power Ryusei’s High Skill Package as a prize.

Slot Machine Event
– Event Period: July 7th – July 28th
– Every 20 minutes, all players will receive a coin for the slot machine.
– Use your coin, pull the handle and win amazing items from the slot machine!
– Prized items include 4 Star Gems, 9 Star Gems, [Minor] Siege HP & MP Potions (5pcs)
[more Slot Machine information]

To accept the Mini Fighter challenge and battle your way to the top, please visit

Learn more about this massive update at the promo page.