Earth Networks Launches WeatherBug App for HP TouchPad

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(BUSINESS WIRE)–Earth Networks™, the owner of WeatherBug® products and services and operator of the largest weather observing and lightning network, today announces the launch of its popular WeatherBug app for the Wi-Fi version of HP TouchPad, the first HP webOS tablet. As a premier launch partner, the WeatherBug app is among the first to debut on the new device available today at major U.S. retailers and commercial resellers.

“We are very excited to be selected as a premier launch partner as the HP TouchPad comes to market”

The WeatherBug app is available for free in the HP webOS App Catalog on the HP TouchPad.

The WeatherBug app for the HP TouchPad includes an impressive lineup of features:

Unique “Weather Window”: A virtual window to the world outside lets you view current conditions through one of WeatherBug’s live local cameras, or through a representation of the expected conditions.

At-A-Glance Information: The WeatherBug app provides immediate access to detailed seven-day, up-to-the-minute forecasts for your current location as well as saved locations from around the world.

Breaking Weather Alerts: The app provides updates and warnings from the National Weather Service, as well as Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts exclusively from the Earth Networks – WeatherBug Total Lightning Network, the world’s largest lightning detection network.

Detailed Map Visualization: A large map area provides several contoured weather overlay options – including satellite, radar, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and forecast highs and lows – to display current conditions and approaching storm systems.

Camera Images: Users can swipe through an extensive image carousel to view live and time-lapse shots from HD cameras in the WeatherBug Network.

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“We are very excited to be selected as a premier launch partner as the HP TouchPad comes to market,” says Chris Brozenick, vice president of Consumer Products, WeatherBug. “Our users have responded very favorably to the WeatherBug apps on smartphones and tablets, and now even more people will be able to experience everything our app has to offer – including live local weather updates, severe weather alerts and enhanced graphics and images – on a new and impressive platform from HP.”

“The WeatherBug app is a valuable tool that millions rely on every day, and we are pleased to be working with the WeatherBug development team to bring it to the fingertips of HP TouchPad users,” said Richard Kerris, vice president of webOS Worldwide Developer Relations, HP.

WeatherBug apps access information from the Earth Networks – WeatherBug Network, the largest network of professional weather stations and lightning sensors, and includes information from over 35,000 locations worldwide. The weather information is monitored and distributed in real-time through the network and into the apps within seconds. The WeatherBug app for the HP TouchPad enables users to customize the weather intelligence captured through the network for their own display of local and global information.

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