Olasonic TW-S7 Delivers 10W+10W High-Fidelity Sound on USB Power

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Egg shaped USB speakers.. interesting!


(BUSINESS WIRE)–Olasonic today announced the launch of a revolutionary new USB bus powered speaker system that delivers high-fidelity 10W+10W stereo sound over a direct digital connection to virtually any desktop, laptop or notebook computer.

The TW-S7 USB Powered Speaker system enables audiophiles and music fans to enjoy faithful, high-fidelity reproduction of their favorite audio CDs, iTunes songs and Internet radio broadcasts from their personal computers with clarity, depth and presence previously attainable only using hi-fi audio components.

Employing a host of cutting-edge technologies, the TW-S7 Speaker System receives a direct digital audio signal over the USB interface, boosts the power using newly developed Super Charged Drive System™ digital amplifier technology and employs a coaxial massive 60mm ferrite magnet driver, passive radiator and high-frequency diffuser to deliver high-fidelity 10W+10W dynamic output while consuming only 2.5W of USB power.

Based on a holistic environmentally friendly design, the TW-S7 boasts a sleek, aerodynamic elliptical design that maximizes strength and efficiency while reducing unwanted noise and distortion. The revolutionary transformerless design reduces weight and power consumption by eliminating the need for a power supply and electrical outlet. Its high-gloss, non-laminated finish speaks beauty and sophistication without the need for paint or resin.

Launched in Japan last April, the TW-S7 USB Powered Speaker System has earned rave reviews from audiophiles and reviewers, ranks highly among Amazon Japan’s bestselling speaker systems and enjoys a cult-like following among a growing base of music lovers.

Available in brilliant white or noble black, the TW-S7 goes on sale at Amazon.com and premier audio retailers from August 1st at $129.99 (MSRP).

Main Features of the TW-S7 Speaker System

1. Simple connection over the USB interface

2. 10W+10W dynamic output, no electrical outlet required

3. Passive radiator achieves remarkably deep bass reproduction

4. Crystal clear sound image and rich ambience

5. Acoustically ideal elliptical cabinet

6. High-specification silicon insulator stands

7. Environmentally friendly design

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