New DUO Pen Converts Laptops into Touch-screen Tablets

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I want one of these.. I wonder what the chances are of getting one for review, it’s rather cool..


The revolutionary DUO™ digital pen from PenAndFree transforms ordinary laptops into touch-screen tablets, replacing the need for both a mouse and keyboard.  

Using patented ultrasonic technology the DUO digitally “inks” a laptop’s LCD by precisely tracing the pen tip’s coordinates. DUO’s compact receiver sits atop the laptop screen picking up signals transmitted by the cordless pen with astounding accuracy and speed. The receiver is powered by the laptop’s USB. It attaches or detaches by magnet.

DUO is ideal for capturing handwritten notes and digital signatures on screen, as well as for infinite forms of creative expression, whether sketching out rough ideas for a business meeting, doodling for fun, or serious artistic drawing. Amazingly natural, the ergonomically designed DUO offers a real pen-on-paper sensation that lets the user experience different levels of pressure sensitivity on a laptop’s LCD screen. MINT Interactive software, included with the DUO, provides access to a full color pallet, a variety of line thicknesses, a virtual keyboard, and a handwriting recognition mode so notes can be converted into standard text for emails. The software can be deployed by itself, or can be opened directly within Microsoft® Office® applications where its toolbox appears with full transparency.

With DUO, the mouse is a thing of the past. Interacting with a computer via the DUO pen allows navigation through on-line forms, 3D gaming and websites. DUO also makes it easy to use popular software like Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Adobe PhotoShop thanks to its built-in right and left mouse-like buttons.

Taking into consideration the need to protect the LCD from wear or scratches, the DUO features a soft yet long-life tip. It comes with three pen tips for fast replacements, along with three ball pen tips when the user wants to write on paper rather than their LCD screen with the same functionality achieved with MINT Interactive software.

Available through Office Depot

The DUO is available with an MSRP of $99.99 (USD). It is also available at Office Depot for a special introductory price. DUO comes complete with pen, station, software CD, pen tips (3), ink pen tips (3), rechargeable batteries, deco fixture and adhesive tape.

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