First iPhone Screenshots of Hungribles

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hungribles3 hungribles4

Just like the title says.. there’s some screenshots for you from the upcoming iPhone game from Futuremark.


We’re getting closer to submission time for Hungribles, our new skill shot puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. While final testing continues, I wanted to share some new screenshots with you and your readers. These are the first screens we’ve released from the iPhone version of the game.

The aim of the game is to feed the Hungribles and make them happy. The thought bubbles show you which Hungribles need feeding to complete the level. To play, you pull back and aim with the purple mushroom slingshot thingy. The rainbow shows you where the tasty orb is going to go when you let go. You can see how each Hungrible’s appetite affects the path of the orb. You get bonus points for trick shots, bouncing the orb off walls, curving it around Hungribles or hitting the pot of gold.
Compared to other physics-based puzzlers, in Hungribles there is more skill to aiming and the gravity inspired appetite effect is unique. Our latest gameplay trailer shows how it all works in action, and introduces each of the Hungribles and their effects along the way:
Hungribles is our first game for iOS devices, coming to iPhone and iPad this summer