Tunewallet Wallet Style Case for iPod Touch Review

Today for review I’ve got another case to protect your iPod Touch from USBFever. This case can be used with 1st all the way through 4th generations, so it’s not specific to any version like most cases are. Well that’s not exactly correct, it does come with a screen protector that won’t fit on the 1st gen iPod Touch, but still it’s as close to universal as I’ve ever seen in a case. The case is called the Tunewallet, and it’s a wallet really with a space for your iPod so you can take your music and money with you all in one place. It’s a nifty idea I think, and it offers decent protection for your iPod Touch.


Product Name: Wallet Style Case for iPod Touch 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th (Color: Brown)

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Provider: USBFever

Price:  $19.99


TUNEWALLET for iPod touch is a wallet-style case accented with a colorful elastic band. iPod touch tucks securely inside and there are two card holder slots for your credit card, driver’s license, IC card or cash.

Undo the elastic band and flip it open to access iPod or take out a card. The quick release hole in the card holder slot helps you to take out the card you use most often. When you are done, close TUNEWALLET back up and keep it tucked away in your bag or pocket. The elastic band will keep it from popping open and the TUNEWALLET cover will protect iPod touch from getting scratched by loose items in your bag or pocket.

TUNEWALLET for iPod touch is available in three colors: Pink, Orange, Green, Blue and Brown.

The dock connector can be accessed without the need to remove iPod touch from TUNEWALLET. TUNEFILM protective film for the iPod touch 4G, 3G/2G screen is included

– With 2 BAGS, one for Name card / photo, one for Name Cards
– Unique ergonomic design
– Comfortable
– Good hand feel
– Protected from bumps and scratches
– Easy access to all the vital controls and switches
– High-grade textured leather
– Secure

This case is suitable for:
– iPod Touch 1st
– iPod Touch 2nd
– iPod Touch 3rd
– iPod Touch 4th

Package Contents:
– TUNEWALLET for iPod touch x 1
– TUNEFILM protective film x 1 (for iPod Touch 2nd and iPod Touch 3rd, iPod Touch 4th only)


The Review::

The packaging is unique certainly. It’s  a clear oddly shaped box, but I like it.

wallet1 wallet2


Inside you’ll find the Tunewallet.



When you open the wallet, you’ll then find the screen protector and cleaning cloth tucked away inside.

wallet4 wallet5

The wallet is actually very nice looking. The one I received for review has a brown elastic strip on it, but you can get other colors. The case has openings for all of the buttons and ports on your iPod Touch.


wallet7 wallet8

wallet9 wallet10


Here’s my iPod in it:


wallet12 wallet13

wallet14 wallet15

Then here’s the wallet open with the iPod, you’ve got unimpeded access the screen. The iPod Touch just slides in, but the wallet holds it nice and tight all the while protecting it nicely.


So that’s it really, it’s not bad, and it’s rather nice.



The Tunewallet is an interesting and useful alternative to the regular style cases out there for your iPod Touch. If you’re looking for something much more than just a case then this is it.

For $20, I think the Tunewallt is well worth it. This case will protect your iPod and allows access to it while carrying your money and credit cards with you. The iPod Touch 4th is thin enough that it can fit right in your back pocket while the it’s in the Tunewallet, just like a real wallet.



+Includes nice screen protector
+Case and wallet in one
+Quality made
-None really



Overall: score-9-10
Aesthetic: score-9-10
Value / Price: score-9-10
Build Quality: score-9-10
Usability: score-9-10

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