Take a look at the new Crucial m4 SSD—our fastest offering to date

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SSDs are still expensive, I’m waiting for the prices to come down a bit. If you can afford it though, they’re most certainly worth the cost.


Feel the need for speed?

Introducing the new Crucial® m4 SSD.

The Crucial m4 Solid-State Drive is our fastest, most impressive SSD offering to date. Building on our industry-leading, award-winning, forward-thinking SSD tradition, the Crucial m4 SSD was designed, engineered, and manufactured by Micron-our parent company. It features:

  • High-speed synchronous MLC NAND
  • Advanced controller technology
  • Optimized NAND management
  • Standard hard drive interface and dimensions

Plus, our m4 SSDs are guaranteed compatibile, easy to install, and easy to transfer data. Available in 512GB, 256GB, 128GB, 64GB capacities. Order your Crucial m4 SSD here.

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