PowerSkin Battery Cases for HTC Inspire 4G and HTC Desire HD Now Available

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Wish they made one for my Captivate!


PowerSkin®, maker of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting smartphone cases, has announced the availability of skins for the HTC Inspire 4G and HTC Desire HD, boasting 1500 mAh of power.
“Until now, Android users have been faced with very limited choices to extend battery life on these energy-guzzling phones,” said David Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PowerSkin® / XPAL Power. “PowerSkins® fill the gap, providing a convenient, form-fitting source of power, whenever and wherever you need it.”

PowerSkins® are designed to address both the power and protection issues consumers face. They are made of flexible, silicone rubber that protects against drops, and they feature XPAL Powered™ battery technology that extends battery life up to 8 hours. PowerSkins® are rechargeable and 100% recycled (except for the battery and internal components). The collection includes skins for the iPhone 4, HTC Evo, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid X/X2, BlackBerrys and many other smartphones.

PowerSkins® for the HTC Inspire 4G and HTC Desire HD are available for $59.99 on www.Power-Skin.com, Amazon.com, and a variety of online and brick and mortar retailers.

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