Pitchblack Games Announces Prime: Battle for Dominus

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Another day…another MMO.. blech..

/PRNewswire/ — Pitchblack Games today unveiled their upcoming massively multiplayer title, “Prime: Battle for Dominus.”

Warren Weems, President of Pitchblack, said, “We’ve been flying under the radar for a long time now, and we’re very excited to finally announce our game and start working towards release.”

Featuring a science fiction setting, open world player versus player combat, safe home worlds for new players, player-driven content, and planned live events, Prime will offer players an exciting MMORPG experience.

Prime is not just a name – it’s also the element that powers all of the advanced technology in the game. This “Prime” element has only been found in abundance on a single planet, Dominus. The game begins with Humans being drawn into an enormous cosmic battle where the control of Prime means the difference between advancement and wealth or total destruction.

Notable numbers:

  • Three playable factions to choose from
  • Seven important professions contribute to player progression and a robust in-game economy
  • Eleven Worlds with over 25 large, open areas to explore

Said Weems, “We’re building a huge, persistent online universe. We invite every player passionate about MMORPGs or science fiction to come check out the development of Prime.”

This is only the beginning. Follow our progress at:




About Prime: Battle for Dominus – Prime is a science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where players fight to control the “Prime” element that powers all advanced technology. Help your faction advance and grow by securing valuable “Prime.” The fate of the galaxy depends on you – join up today.

Prime: Battle for Dominus, utilizes the HERO engine.