Dyno Entertainment Launches Its New TREASURE SQUARE Service

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Hmm.. I’ve never installed Foursquare on my phone.. I don’t see what the fuss is.


Dyno Entertainment, Inc. (located in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, Toshiyuki Takasaki, CEO), has begun offering today free downloads on the App Store of their new location-based game for the iPhone, TREASURE SQUARE™, which supports the foursquare® open API already in use by 8 million users around the world.

Free iPhone app download:


TREASURE SQUARE™ is a new type of adventure game that lets you play on the streets of your city, using spot information registered globally in foursquare®. All kinds of spots around you, from shops, cafes and parks to companies and schools can become the playing field on which your adventure unfurls. Beneath the spots lie hidden virtual dungeons, and when you pass over them, various events unfold as you seek treasures and proceed deeper within the dungeons. What was once just simple movement, to and from your company or school, this game gives it the excitement of new discoveries. We particularly recommend it to students and young business people.

Characteristics of the Service

  • Location-based game for the iPhone
  • Supports the foursquare® API, such that spots the world around become the stage for your adventure
  • In addition to foursquare®, links to Facebook and Twitter are also supported
  • Particularly recommended for students and young business people
  • Available now as a free download on the AppStore