Tips & Bits – cool new Ipad 2 cases, a UK exclusive and some help for Kinect players

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Mobile Fun sends over news very week about their new products so here they are!


First up I’ve got 2 great iPad 2 cases to tell you about: the Griffin Survivor case and the Handstand Rotating Holder: both are excellent but for completely different reasons.

The Griffin Survivor case is one of the first to rival the renowned Otterbox cases; due to its 4 layers of protection – a polycarbonate front and back complete with built in screen protector; a silicone case that goes over the top and desk stand which is housed in the case. So not only do you get complete protection, but you also have the option of using your iPad at various angles with the desk stand. Here’s a video that Chris made about it ( if you like it feel free to use it) J




The Handstand Rotating Holder pretty much does what it says on the tin; it’s an iPad 2 holder which has a hand strap attached to the back of it, allowing you to use your iPad on the go. It’s nifty for those who tour exhibitions or who are constantly on the move all day and it’s available in black, pink or white. Just don’t forget to look where you’re going when you use it!



Here’s some exciting news, we’re the only UK retailer currently selling the new Incipio offGRID Battery Back up case for iPhone 4. I’ve had a little play with one and I was very impressed: the case itself which houses the second battery is on 6mm thick making it thinner than some of the standard iPhone 4 cases being sold. It alos doubled the battery of my iPhone 4 and still allowed me to charge my phone and the battery without removing the case




And finally for all you Xbox Kinect owners like myself, our sister site Gaming Zap have released a new product which solves all our space nightmares! It’s called the Nyko Zoom Kinect Lens and it’s a clever set of lenses which clip onto your Kinect and decrease the space needed to play by 40%. So a space that would have only accommodated one player before is now big enough for two players – great for if you have a small living room or want to play Kinect in your bedroom!