Asteroid Lander for WP7 released!

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I don’t see WP7 news, but it’s still a young platform. From what I’ve heard though the games are decent.

Game Description
Asteroid Lander is inspired by the classical game Lunar Lander.
In this game your mission is to safely land on a landing pad situated on an Asteroid before you run
out of fuel!  In the game physics play a big part as each Asteroid is attracting the landing craft.
Asteroid Lander is easy to get started with but is still challenging if you want to beat the online high score.

Game Features
Action/Simulator 2D game
Use the accelerometer to control the landing craft
10 levels (additional levels will be added)
Online high score system
Trial mode (first level is available in the trial)
Built for WP7 using C#, XNA and Farseer Physics


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