Air Monkey For iOS

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Monkeys, monkeys everywhere!  Air monkeys actually..


It’s called Air Monkey for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, available on App Store with only $0.99 price. Lite version is also available for free download.

This game is originally adapted from the  previous popular online flash-based game released four years ago by the company.  With this release, the company also included more special features for iOS platform while maintaining the same successful concept of the flash version; a simple to control game where players enjoy hours of challenging and addictive game play.

The Air Monkey game title was taken from the name of the main character in the game, Air Monkey, a poor lonely monkey who wishes to reunite with all his fraternal brothers and join them in Club Tree House, perched atop a tree. The player’s objective is to help Air Monkey climb up unique and challenging trees by maneuvering him up a maze of swinging ropes. While navigating the Air Monkey higher and higher up the tree, players must beware of falling branches or miscalculating a jump, either of which will result in Air Monkey plunging back down to the ground. If the falling Air Monkey fails to catch any of the ropes on his way down, don’t panic—there will be fez donned brothers below can still save players with their trusty trampolines.

Air Monkey For iOS Features:

• 36 unique and challenging levels suited for players of all ages. This doubles the number of levels over the original Flash version.

• One-touch button control – simple and quick to play

• Surprises and hidden treasures including spinning bananas to give super jumping powers and twirling fez’s to earn an extra monkey

• Tilt control to view more of the tree to help players make better rope jumping decisions.

• Continue game feature to allow the action to continue

• Game center scoreboard to compete against other players around the world


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